This is me!  I own a manufacturing factory in Warwick making totally made to measure kitchen, bedroom, home study, home cinema displays and sliding doors for the trade and also the public.  I have decided to start blogging as I have been assured that it is infact a very good way of marketing my business, so here goes!

Today I am going to talk about how I don`t understand why people gravitate towards the “Big Boys” instead of finding and then using their small local retailers.  Surely people don`t want to keep lining the pockets of the directors of the large retailers, who the majority of the time don`t even manufacture the furniture themselves.

I can guarantee that for a like for like design using the same materials and colours that I will be more competitive than any other furniture retailer.  How do I know this you might ask, well firstly I know my competitors and secondly I know how much they are ripping you off by them being greedy!!  Because I manufacture my furniture myself, I can control the amount of profit I make and I am not a greedy person I can assure you! Thirdly some of the retailers come and buy my furniture and then sell it onto you guys, making a very very tidy profit. So, stop lining the big boys or the middlemans pockets and come direct to the manufacturer!!  Over the next few weeks I will be telling you about how to design and inprove different rooms in your home, lets face it, no-one is selling their property at the moment, so make the most of improving it so when the market comes back, you will make more on you improved home.  By the way my name is Debbie Heath and my company can be found at the Emscote Furniture website: